(COM)munity: Students and Alumni talk about favorite classes

With spring semester drawing to a close, fall registration for the next academic year is coming up on April 2. There are always some courses that you enjoy and feel blessed taking, so to help you seek them out, alumni and current students list their favorite courses at COM.


COM CM 345/CM 715: Public Relations in Nonprofit Settings with Dr. Edward Downes

As public relations majors, many of the courses we take are largely focused on social media, media relations and entertainment PR. Although these are all very valuable and exciting aspects of PR work, we often forget the overwhelming need for PR representatives in the nonprofit world. In CM 345 and CM 715, students hear from various guest speakers whose work has significantly impacted large-scale organizations in fields such as healthcare and education. From fundraising strategies to advocacy campaigns, CM 345 examines the importance of PR professionals in managing critical public relations issues.

Cleo Merrill, COM ‘17, Public Relations


COM CM 704: Contemporary Communication with John Carroll

I didn’t understand the full extent of communications until I took this class. As the name of the course suggests, Professor Carroll explains what roles communication plays in today’s society and how different kinds of media contribute to our world. From analog to digital, from deliberation to spontaneity, the term “communication” has, through time, shed a number of its former connotations and adopted many new ones, which Professor Carroll lectures on.

Skylar Li, COM ‘16, Mass Communication

COM CM 722: Communication Research with Dr. Michael Elasmar

CM 722 is one of our compulsory courses that I’ve gained more than just basic research skills and methods from. By accomplishing a semester-long research project, I learned how to make use of SPSS to systematically analyze statistics and strategically solve a business problem by conducting research. In addition to the solid foundation that I’ve achieved in communication research, I’ve also gained best friends that I didn’t know before taking the class. CM 722 is a fantastic opportunity to become immersed in a group atmosphere and cooperate with teammates to tackle every academic obstacle you encounter.

Angela Piao, COM ‘17, Marketing Communication Research

COM CM 423/CM 753: Portfolio Development with Edward Boches

Portfolio Development is designed for students who set out to build a professional career in advertising as creatives. The course objective is to help us create competitive portfolios that show our original ideas and strategically sell ourselves to perspective employers. Professor Boches divides the class into two sections based on our career preferences: art directors and copywriters. The best part of CM423 is that you’ll be exposed to multiple campaigns in various categories, pushing yourself to think deeper. You’ll be amazed by inspirational ideas that students bring to life.

Nicole Wu, COM ‘17, Advertising


As you prepare for registration, click here to look at all courses offered at COM.


Meggy Yu, Staff Writer

Meggy Yu is a first-year graduate student majoring in public relations. She earned her bachelor’s degree in business english in Beijing. Her passion for communications brought her to BU. The things she loves in life are traveling, cooking and photography.

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