Three Minutes with Campus Sexpert Isabella Lanata (COM’19)

Isabella Lanata is a sophomore in the College of Communication, concentrating in public relations. Lanata prides herself on her outgoing and friendly personality. She’s undaunted in conversations and regularly talks about sex with fellow undergraduates. We chatted about her internship with a new App called “Taboo.”

How did you get involved with an App project?
I was googling internships in San Francisco over the summer, and I stumbled upon a list of up-and-coming tech companies. I was drawn to their website since it’s bright and colorful, and I liked what it was about.

What is Taboo?
It is a mobile app about healthy sexual education. The app has a Q&A section for users to ask specific questions and it has a “Basic Questions” section for advice about STIs, consent, birth control, etc.

How did the App get started?
It began early last year by two women in San Francisco, Elise and Mia. They both went to Stanford. They’re sorority sisters and wanted a safe space for millennials to talk about sex.

What are your responsibilities with Taboo?
I am called a “Campus Sexpert.” I encourage people to download the app, I host two workshops per semester and I do table events at BU’s George Sherman Union.

Would you consider this a feminist initiative?
Absolutely. It leans towards women, though it should be used by men too, because it talks about birth control, pregnancies and periods. It also empowers women to not be afraid to ask those questions that could be considered taboo.

What’s the best part about being a Campus Sexpert?
You get to talk about sex a lot.

What’s the worst part about being a Campus Sexpert?
You have to talk about sex a lot.

How do you deal with being uncomfortable in the workshops?
Whenever I’m uncomfortable or nervous, I just talk through it and that has worked well for me.

How does working at Taboo relate to your PR major?
It’s very much a connections thing. You have to be able to talk to people about it, know the subject and make people want to download the app.

Is there any new stuff coming soon to Taboo that we should look out for?
They’re relaunching the app shortly. They’re partnering up with this company called Unbound, which is a sustainable company that makes environmentally friendly condoms and lubricant ? a Birchbox of sex stuff.


Amelia Henning, Staff Writer

Amelia Henning is a sophomore in COM studying advertising. Her passions include travel and volunteering. Her goal in life is to have visited all seven continents before she retires as the CEO of an ad agency.

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