Scandinavian Spontaneity

So here I am sitting in a Starbucks in Malmo, Sweden. How did I end up here?

Because my internship is Tuesday through Saturday, I can’t do much traveling anymore. This Friday, however, was Veterans Day in France as well as America and I got the day off work. Everyone else in my program was planning travels, but I was bummed because I’d still have to work on Saturday. Luckily, they let me take the day off so I too could have a grand week-end. Most of my friends were planning to go to Amsterdam, but I’ve already been there so I looked into other places. I spent a while planning to go to either Milan or Barcelona, since they’re both on my list of cities to see. I also had been trying to meet up with a friend studying abroad in Dublin, but none of the cities we wanted to see had good flights for her. So she ended up planning a trip to Copenhagen with her friends and I figured “Why not join them?”

image2So that explains how I got to Copenhagen, but how am I in Sweden? Well, the cheapest flight had me arrive on Friday night and leave Monday night, but my friend was going to leave Sunday morning. That meant I had two days to fill with stuff to do in Copenhagen, which is actually a pretty small city.

Yesterday I was relaxing in my hostel dorm when a guy staying in the same room came in and started up a conversation. He mentioned that he had gone to Sweden that day. Wait what? Yes, there’s an hour-long bus from Copenhagen to Malmo, a small city in Sweden. Looks like I made my plans for Sunday. I went online and found tickets within 10 minutes of our conversation, because why not?

I’ve yet to explore the city but on the bus here I saw snow on the ground and a true Swedish IKEA. Now I’m off to see what Malmo has to offer!



image3Samantha Pinsky is a junior in the Paris Internship Program. As a dual degree student in Advertising and European Studies with a French minor, she considered this a perfect opportunity to experience the French lifestyle. Some of her favorite things are traveling, visiting art museums, and writing. You can find the first two on her travel Instagram.

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