PRLab and AdLab collaborate to make a “Change For School Safety”

This month, public relations and advertising students teamed up to spread awareness for school safety. PRLab and AdLab raised money for the Safe and Sound Schools’ “Change for School Safety” campaign. The organization was formed in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012. For the past four years, Safe and Sound Schools has been dedicated to fostering safer learning environments for both students and educators.

The Change For School Safety campaign called for donations of small amounts—like coin change found at the bottom of your backpack—to support school safety outreach. The campaign ends today—#GivingTuesday—the global day of giving sparked by the charity of the holiday season.

Safe and Sound Schools is a returning client of PRLab, and the team was thrilled to be working on a project with an incredible amount of social impact. Risha Tyagi, Director of PRLab, was honored to be a part of this important initiative. “Their mission is very pure and genuine, and they have been our client for a long time. PRLab’s decision to participate is linked to our belief in their cause.” As a result, PRLab challenged AdLab to a fundraising competition. The winning organization would be rewarded with a pizza party hosted by Safe and Sound Schools.

The Change for School Safety campaign was implemented at the end of October. The organization’s website provided step-by-step instructions on how to create a fun, personalized collection jar for donations. Additionally, it offered “challenge cards” to encourage friends and family to donate.

Beyond designing their own jars, PRLab and AdLab implemented their own tactics to raise money. PRLab students filmed short clips of donors highlighting their reasons to contribute to school safety awareness. Additionally, they developed and pushed out social media content for the campaign.

AdLab President Davis Mastin made weekly announcements to the AdLab team to donate anything they could. Mastin has seen first-hand how the competition has influenced student donations. “Students have started approaching me with spare change in the hallway, so I think it’s working!” he reveled. “May the best lab win!”

Regardless of the outcome between these competitive student-run organizations, the real winners are the schools that will become safer places of learning for its students. If you’d like to make a donation, you can go to the “Change For School Safety” page.

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