A Day in the Life of a BU London Intern

Wake up and say goodmorning! to Queens Gate Road. Pick an outfit for the day that is professional, but not too formal; casual, but with flair.  Interning at a film production company means being in a relaxed work environment, where jeans are normal and style is expected.


Leave the Crofton for work, make a left toward Hyde Park, and walk down Queens Gate to the bus stop.The fastest route is by bus and tube and is a 30-minute ride. You need to get to work by 9am, but being early is never a bad thing.

Hop on the double-decker—yes, one of those double-deckers—using your Oyster card, London transport’s equivalent of a Charlie card. bus

Finally arrive at work, a production and financing company for international films called Umedia. While making breakfast, chat with Nassim about his weekend.  Nassim, on the production team, likes to arrive early, too.


Everyone eats breakfast at their desks in the office, so you do too. Finish reading the script Nessa had sent you yesterday.  This script is one for a film in pre-selfieproduction, starring Zoe Saldana. So awesome.

Take a selfie at your desk. Because you can. Then get back to work.


Is what your desktop clock reads. You still haven’t gotten used to military time. Have lunch with Chloe and Emily, two thirds of the production team.  We usually have a chin-wag (chat) about politics: the British referendum or, unfortunately, Trump.

Put the finishing touches on the research project Nessa assigned.  Nessa is the Head of Legal and Business Affairs at Umedia. She’s taught you some of the ins and outs of media law.  

The workday is over, just like that. Say goodbye to the Umedia team, then grab your coat and head out the door. It’s nice out today, so you decide to walk.  

Arrive home to the Crofton. Eat dinner with roommates, then decide on tonight’s adventure: a trip to the Eye.


Hop aboard the London Eye and admire the city at night from above. Smile for a pic with Erin and Kelsey.








Crawl into bed. Close your eyes. You try to get some rest, but you have a hard time falling asleep because reality is even better than your dreams.

Wow. That was really sappy. But also really, very true.



hcHannah Clark is in her senior year, studying communication and American studies. She enjoys getting her passport stamped, working toward social justice, and taking selfies with dogs. Not necessarily in that order. Follow her on Instagram or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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