Tollywood & Twitter: Young Indian Actors’ Social Media Management

The rise of social media has completely changed the entertainment marketing scenario. There are great platforms for actors to promote their work and their brand. Perhaps that is the reason that young actors are all over social media. Be it interacting with fans or promoting their movies or simply speaking their minds, they do it all.

Popular Telugu-film actor, Sai Dharam Tej, has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has only appeared in three films so far but has thousands of followers. On an average he posts just once a week on these platforms about his work routine or his projects. Tej said, “I believe one should not over-post on social media as it would crowd the followers’ homepage or timeline. It can frustrate them and they might unfollow. Also, I avoid posting things that I am not sure about because whatever is said on social media, stays on.”

Sai Dharam Tej

On Facebook, he has one private account for his personal use and one official page to keep his fans posted about his movies. “Three of my close friends manage my Facebook page from three different time zones. One from USA, one from India and other from Australia. They promote my movies on this page,” said Tej. Tej’s Facebook page has earned 103,827 likes so far.

On Twitter, Tej has 41.4K followers. Tej said, “I manage my Twitter account myself. In case I cannot access Twitter due to connectivity issues, then my manager posts on my behalf.” Tej’s timeline is filled with his movie-related posts and interactions with film fraternity colleagues and fans. “I use Twitter to promote my films. I usually post about my upcoming projects, pictures from my set, movie trailers, and other promotional material. Also I reply to tweets posted by my friends from the industry and chat with my fans. A week before my previous release, we had an #AskTej chat session and I plan to have such sessions more often to connect with my fans,” said Tej.

Sai Dharam Tej

Tej’s Instagram account gives a sneak-peak into his personal life to his 19.7K followers. He handles his Instagram account himself and posts pictures and videos with his friends, family, and his pet. He also posts pictures of promotional events, movie posters, magazine photo-shoots, award shows, celebrity cricket matches, behind-the-scenes pictures, and first-look pictures for upcoming movies. Tej said, “On Insta, apart from promotional material, I also post regular stuff like everyone else. I post pictures of me hanging out with my friends and cousins or fun dubsmash videos. I like my Insta account to be casual and spontaneous.”

Authenticity is an important factor in social media management. Tej said, “Keep it real. Do not try to imitate somebody. It is not about impressing people. It is about engaging those who are already impressed. So do not try too hard. Just be you.”

Keerthana ReddyKeerthana Reddy is a first-year public relations graduate student who loves watching and analyzing Indian movies.

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