Looking for insta-inspiration? Walk around LA!

Photo #1: I took this picture on my first day in Los Angeles, just about four hours after I had landed in the city. I love symbolic representation, and this street graffiti on S Fairfax Avenue captured my thoughts perfectly. LA is full of quirky and, if that’s your vibe, this city will become your co-conspirator within days.

Photo #2: LA has a way of speaking to you, especially through street art. I found this little gem while walkploring (a term I coined for walking and exploring) the Wilshire Boulevard area and liked it immensely. There’s enough love around all of us to give and share and this was just such a sweet reminder.

Feb 13, 2016 (7)Garima Sharma is a Master’s in Media Ventures candidate at the College of Communication and is currently completing the last two semesters of her bi-coastal program in Los Angeles. She keeps in touch with Boston University and her fellow COMrades via this blog. A former editor from India, Garima is a seeker-innovator-storyteller who loves to write on films, fashion, travel and tech, not necessarily in that order. Oh, and she also believes that there should be a special season for slow songs. Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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