God Bless America

Everytown.com is dedicated to informing and influencing a discussion about gun violence in the U.S. Everytown for Gun Safety researches a variety of vital issues surrounding gun violence, develops data-driven solutions, and works with lawmakers and people like you to pass common-sense laws and policies that save lives. The logjam in Congress on gun safety as well as significant influence of politicians from the NRA and 2nd Amendment activists has created a standstill on gun control.

With a primary target audience of policy makers in Washington and a secondary audience of U.S. citizens who may influence politicians to act, we decided to utilize data as our primary copy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and rather than try to convince people with reasoning, we found the powerful and quite disturbing statistics to speak for themselves. This campaign is designed for out of home and is planned to appear in repetition like a takeover in a subway car.

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Olivia Lord is an undergraduate student in COM, contributing her classwork to “Portfolio,” The COMmunicator’s exclusive space for student work.

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