5 Reasons Why I Love My Very British Art History Professor

1)  He wears a full three piece suit with a pocket watch and a bow tie to class. To every single class. He is a traditional gentleman and, although overqualified, chooses to teach and spread his love for art.

2)  He insisted we call him by his given name Robert, rather than his title as a professor or doctor. We were even allowed to call him using nicknames like Rob, Robbie; pretty much anything except Bob because that is an American name that just horrifies him.


3)  During our four hour long class, we only look at two works of art per class. I’ve had classes in Boston that were an hour long where we would cover over 20 different works of art. But here we look at two. We observe meticulously to try to understand and interpret art—not explain art—just interpret it.

4)  His life advice is the best. My top two favorites include watching the news without the volume so the newscasters do not influence us or inset bias. The second is to go to museums alone to pick-up a date. If that doesn’t work, try the supermarket.

5)  He gets us tea at every field trip. Because we are in London and it would be silly not to experience the art we talk about, we go on field trips and have class at galleries. At the end of every visit he treats our group of 16 to tea.


PS. Check out his website/books! He really is amazing..


IMG_0510Alejandra Trueba is a Mexican student at Boston University, currently working on her Advertising undergraduate degree abroad in London. If it has anything to do with art, sports or food (especially food!) you can count her in! Ale is always up for exploring and trying new things.

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