Society of Grownups: Two advertising students share their invaluable summer experiences

When the team sat down to brainstorm for Society of Grownups, they had two goals: to make people laugh, and to get some buzz started about Society of Grownups along the way. To do this, they needed something that would stop young people in their tracks and grab their attention. Something that they could relate to, even if they didn’t want to admit it.

It’s common for young people to graduate college and immediately fall into an uncontrolled panic. The team wanted to capture this in a way that was lighthearted, yet candid. Thus, “shitting bricks” was born. The end game here is to let the viewer know that in these moments of panic, Society of Grownups is here to help.

So far, the spot has garnered over 1 million media impressions, and over 140K views on YouTube.

Iona and Talia had an absolute blast working together on Society of Grownups this summer and would like to thank everyone at The Fantastical for this invaluable opportunity.

Iona Holloway is a graduate student in advertising at COM. Talia Nutting is an undergraduate student in communications with a concentration in advertising. Both students are contributing their classwork to “Portfolio,” The COMmunicator’s exclusive space for student work.

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