LGBTIQ Pride March through Buenos Aires

November 7, 2015 – More of a massive party than a march. Well we marched, but it looked something like DJs and their crowds dancing through the streets of downtown Buenos Aires. There is a lot of love down here, and the amount of rights passed in the past 15 years for the LGBTIQ community gives these Argentinians something to party about. Check out the pictures below of just a few of the artists that came out for the march.

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4-2

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Image 7

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Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Macri and Scioli (the two presidential candidates for this year’s Argentine election) marching with the Pope

Image 13

Catie Carducci is finishing her Public Relations undergrad degree abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and reporting back to Boston via this blog. As a persistent traveler and writer, she rarely stays in one place for more than a few months. Connect with her on LinkedIn (, or view her online portfolio (

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