And, We’re Back!

Here we are! We are about to end our third week of Fall 2013, and guess what? The COMmunicator team met today and is ready to get the entire department’s buzz to you.

I just want to let you all know that we have a diverse lineup of posts that will surely reflect what is going on in the Mass Communication, Public Relations and Advertising programs.

The following COMmunicator members will orchestrate the site for this semester:
Alina Rubezhova- Director of Social Media
Maria Moser- Director of Marketing
Marlee Caine- Expeditor
Drik Ghosh- Senior Editor
Penelope Smith- Senior Editor
Rachel Harrington- Senior Editor
Taylor Bathel – Study Abroad Coordinator
Sua Morales- Webmaster

We cannot but acknowledge the woman behind all this, Professor Dorothy Clark, our faculty advisor. Her passion for allocating a space for students to give back to their own department has assured The COMmunicator’s survival.

I hope we can guarantee you a thorough overview of what 640 Comm. Ave. houses within its walls. Please feel free to contact me at if you are interested in contributing to The COMmunicator.

Until the next post,
Fatima Abou Nassif Mourad

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