Yo, COMers. I sincerely hope that all of you have made it through your midterms without too much stress, hair pulling, or lashing out at your friends and family for absolutely no reason at all (which, of course, I did not do…). Your sanity now assured, let’s get straight to the point of today’s post: BU Confessions. (

All of us tend to pick up our ears when we overhear the latest who did what (or whom) here at Boston University, but, this past February, the students of our beloved institution have made it much easier to see everyone’s deep, dark secrets. Our generation, being the representatives of new technology and ways to abuse it, has made the next fearless stride into the future of gossip by taking our skeletons out of our closets and anonymously pushing them towards the monitors of our computers. What do I find most interesting about his phenomenon, you ask? Nobody seems to know the culprit/genius who is responsible for the idea.

People are posting about themselves every day with secrets that range from deeply personal proclamations to vicious venting. I always knew there would be fall out from Gossip Girl being cancelled (, but I never expected another blogger without an identity to reappear in my life so quickly.

While this is bound to be some crazy trick where all our anonymous secrets become public in the end and we discover that Dean Elmore is the one pulling the strings (, people can’t seem to stop sending in their woes, whines, and witty rants. With over 2,500 likes on Facebook and posts just reaching past the 1,100 mark, this page doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. While the entertainment is reaching new heights and the mystery of who sits behind the computer with our secrets in their hands is titillating, I have to wonder if this craze is going to take BU from class to crass.

What do you guys think? Anyone else just a little bummed you didn’t think of the idea first?


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