When it Rains it Pours

Admin Note: Taylor is a junior COM student, seeking culture, adventure, and everything Irish during her four months abroad in Dublin. She’ll be blogging from Dublin, Ireland for the COMmunicator this semester.


Ireland has a way of always keeping you on your toes.  At least once a day, the clouds abruptly turn grayer, and I encounter the same regretful feeling in the pit of my stomach for not packing rain boots.  The rain will grow heavier, and then eventually turn to mist as I’m left in anticipation of what will follow. Sun? Snow? Hail? Torrential, sudden downpour?  I’ve seen it all happen in the last two weeks.  Behold, the mystery of Ireland.

The weather took a nasty spin on our field trip to Glendalough, a quaint monastic village founded in the 6th century.  The rain came down in sheets, the wind challenged umbrellas to duels, but neither could diminish the magnificence of the land.  The peace of the hills and rivers were still enchanting, and the architecture stood proud and breathtaking.



We all eagerly braved the muddied path in order to explore the monastic towers and gravestones.  After a few minutes of being immersed in the settlement, I honestly forgot about the rain – like a true Dubliner.  There was too much to see, and though my camera was unable to capture most, I had no trouble capturing snapshots in my mind.


A speck of advice for fellow students thinking about studying in Dublin: pack waterproof gear, and learn to love the calamity of your constantly damp, frizzy hair.

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