COMpost: Your Funny Valentine

Hey COMers. I hope everyone’s classes this semester are fun, informative, and not all that boring. I can honestly say that mine live up to my modest expectations, but take that with a grain of salt: I’m a former CGS student. As long as the classes I’m taking don’t involve the life cycle of a flower, I’m basically walking on air.

Regardless, we all know that we haven’t spent February sitting in class thinking about grades, lectures, or exams. This being February and all, I can bet you were thinking about Valentine’s Day (or as us single kids out there like to call it: Annual 24 Hour Suicide Watch Day). My only hope is that you guys made it through the 14th with only minor casualties. We all knew the tub of cookie dough in the back of the fridge wasn’t going to make it. In an attempt to brighten up your spirits in this dark time, I’ve written each one of you some beautiful COM-themed valentines.

“I remember last valentine’s day,
You helped me cite my paper in APA.
I never knew how fun film editing could be,
Until you volunteered to show it to me.
We ate a working lunch in the writing center,
You helped me earn an A for the semester,
And if you can do that again my dearie,
I won’t be so scared to take Com Theory.”

“I think you’re cute,
You think I’m a creature,
But in the spirit of Valentine’s Day,
Will you edit my feature?”

“Roses Are Red,
Violets are blue,
Join the COMmunicator,
Seriously… join the COMmunicator”

I know what you’re thinking: You didn’t know I was such a romantic. Hopefully these sensual sonnets took your post V-day depression from massacre to masterpiece. And just remember, you have over 300 days to charm the pants off someone for next year!

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