Bring Your Own Mug.

Admin Note: Taylor is a junior COM student, seeking culture, adventure, and everything Irish during her four months abroad in Dublin. She’ll be blogging from Dublin, Ireland for the COMmunicator this semester.


Tea time is a ubiquitously cherished ritual in Ireland.  Dotingly referred to as having a “cuppa,” sharing a cup of tea with a friend, professor, or employer is a natural, daily component of the relaxed Irish lifestyle.  The warm mug acts as the perfect pick-me-up from the damp outdoors, and seems to dilute any social or status barriers.

This week commenced the spring semester for the regular Dublin City University students, which finally filled the previously vacant halls with an influx of strong Irish accents.  Not only was I excited to witness students outside of my program, but the start of the DCU semester also meant the launch of all things extracurricular.  The clubs and societies fair was first in the lineup.

As I walked through the rows of vastly garnished club tables, I was immediately struck by a quaint stand consisting of two large pots of tea, and a small sign reading “Tea Society.” The only rule? Bring your own mug. I joined immediately.

My first Tea Society meeting occurred this week, and we did exactly what you would expect. We poured a cuppa and casually chatted about whatever came to mind.  Despite being in a room of strangers, there was no tension and the conversation flowed as naturally as with old friends. This is the magic of tea time.

After being in class with only BU students for the past month, Tea Society was the best (and tastiest) way to break out of the BU bubble.  My only regret is that I didn’t have a cute mug to enter into the weekly “best mug” contest, but I’ll be sure to change that for next Tuesday.


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