Boston University students are famously hard workers. Our dedication and intense course loads are unmatched by any other school in the area (Harvard? What?). We are businesspeople and engineers. We are teachers and hotel managers.

I can’t help but wonder why a certain school here at BU doesn’t exactly get the credit it deserves, and no, I’m not thinking of The College of General Studies. COM students have a reputation around Boston University for being a little less busy than the other students up and down Comm Ave. But they couldn’t be more wrong!

The work we do here as young advertising agents and corporate PR moguls is harder than you might think. That is why I’ve compiled five tips for over-caffeinated, underappreciated COM students to make their lives a little easier:

 (1) Watch more television. I for one am keeping up with at least six shows right now. I know it sounds near impossible, but if you want to be a real Film & Television major you should get used to staying up till the wee hours of the morning studying Modern Family.

(2) Look through old magazines. Lets put aside our copies of Writing In The Works for a minute and remember what our real textbooks are: magazines. Break out your old issues of Vogue and Men’s Fitness, everyone. It’ll really benefit advertising kids to flip through our favorite mags and take note of what’s really effective.

(3) Keep a journal. That’s right. Keeping a diary isn’t just for thirteen-year-old girls anymore. Take some time to sit on the COM lawn and sharpen your writing skills. You’ll need them for all the scripts and feature stories you’ll be writing in the future.

 (4) Stay updated with gossip blogs. Whether its TMZ or Perez Hilton, the gossip machine of the mass media is essential for any COM student. Advertising, P.R. and communications are evolving fields. The second you don’t know what Lindsay Lohan was stealing this week, you’re irrelevant.

 (5) Hang out with your amigos. Let’s not forget about target audiences, guys. To stay relevant these days we need to know who we’re promoting and selling things to. Those twelve-hour nights in Mugar are actually bad for us. Spend some quality time with your best pals and remember that the most influential demographic at the moment happens to be us.

Remembering these five things will take your time at COM from blah to brilliant. And the next time your friends in SMG are complaining about CORE and whining that we are never doing as much work as them, remind them who the real victims are. Stay strong guys. Our hard work will pay off soon enough.


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