COM Students React to President Obama’s Reelection

Barack Obama won the 2012 presidential election with 303 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 206. The popular vote was much closer, with Obama eking out a 51% -48% victory over the former Massachusetts Governor. With what seemed like endless campaigning from both parties, voting day came and went, and America decided to keep Barack Obama in the White House for four more years.

COM students respond to the election outcome with the hope the two parties will be able to compromise in the next four years.

Greg Wilson (COM ’14) stressed the importance of moving forward together as a nation: “I think this election is a major turning point in American politics. At this point, I believe people will begin to put their differences aside, and focus more on the future of the country. We might not agree 100% on how we will reach our ultimate goals; however, it’s important that we are developing a unified vision of that future.”

Other students display mixed emotions on the reelection of Barack Obama. With students worrying about job prospects following graduation, some wonder whether the President is the right person to create jobs.

Nicole DiBlasi (COM ’14), who supported Governor Romney, expressed disappointment in the outcome, but she hopes for bipartisanship in Washington: “I have been a Romney supporter since he was Governor of Massachusetts in 2003. The outcome of the election was disappointing for several reasons, but mostly because I know Governor Romney would have turned our economy around, and he was determined to restore the principles of our Founding Fathers. President Obama has racked up a debt of $5 trillion over 4 years, which is more than any other president. We need to push on forward, and hope that congress and Obama will work together, despite party affiliations.”

While some students are disappointed, others are relieved. Allegra Barnes (CAS ’14) believes America is headed in the right direction: “It is telling that the American people saw the President’s record over the last four years and said they wanted him to continue executing that vision for four more. On Tuesday equality, fairness, and opportunity won, from the Presidential race all the way down to state ballot questions. I am so proud that Barack Obama will be my president for the next four years so that we can continue moving forward.” R

Regardless of party affiliation, though,  most BU students agree that, in order to move forward as a nation, the nation needs compromise and unity between the two parties.

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