Socially Competent

By Sarah Halle 

In a world full of #hashtags and @mentions, direct messages and group chats, “Liking” and Favorites, the social media train shows no sign of slowing down. That is why,  more than ever, college graduates must showcase their online presence and remain informed about the technical and business aspects of social media.

Aside from personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, many BU students are creating and maintaining social media sites for jobs and internships while teaching company executives how to better brand their products.  Even better, they’re offering employers valuable lessons on how to launch social media sites.

Kaitlin Urban (CAS ’12) maintains and operates a Facebook page for Vince Camuto, a fashion and retail company that maintains social media pages at difference schools across the country. As the lone content producer for the brand’s BU page, Urban is responsible for ensuring that the tone of all posts is consistent with that of the brand.  

She said the experience has taught her the importance of tailoring social media campaigns for key audiences.

 “Customization is they key in the world of social media,” Urban said. “As a student, don’t underestimate the skill and knowledge you already have. ”

 During her semester abroad in France, now senior Christine Blain (COM ’12), produced all the social media for the expanding U.S.-based cosmetic company, Burt’s Bees. Blain harnessed her social media, writing and research skills to establish a presence for the company on the French market using Facebook and Twitter. She also monitored the reach of her posts and tweets.

 “You need to stay consistent,” Blain said. “I would recommend setting up a content-posting schedule, maybe a featured product one day, a profile the next.”

 With the large number of social media platforms available, it can be tempting for a company to sign up for everything. Blain suggested taking a step back first. Decide what the company’s personality and tone are and what content its audience wants to see.

CORRECTION: The COMmunicator originally reported that Kaitlin Urban administrates Boston University’s official Facebook page. In fact, she administrates the BU Facebook page of fashion brand Vince Camuto.

The COMmunicator regrets the error.

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