Cafes with a conscience

By Laura Castro

This post is for all you coffee lovers out there! Whether you can’t start the morning without your cup-of-Joe, you fawn over Latte Art, or you prefer Tea, we can all agree that cafes rock.

Prior to creating a café ambiance, coffee companies spend many hours and tons of money creating a philosophy before initiating construction. From having the right coffee beans to a welcoming staff, or smooth music and soft earth tones filling the walls, the “feel” of a café brings customers back.























 On  scale of one to awesome, how wold you rate the design of this menu?

There are many techniques and phases that go into cafe design, but CommAd Girl is more concerned with the coffee shops that serve as staples of BU’s campus.

Let’s look at the rising star Blue State Coffee. Although it falls within a one-mile radius of the commercial yet original Starbucks, and the classic ERC, Blue State Coffee attracts BU students. Although all these places invoke productivity and social conversation, Blue State isn’t just new on the block.

The environment of Blue State calls upon customers to take action with their favorite non-profits. Although Starbucks always has some sort of cause-related campaign going, Blue State seems to take the activism a step further by giving control to the customers, who nominate the non-profits and vote on the allocation of funds.

Speaking of activism via coffee shops, I am reminded of the time I spent at Spain’s oldest café, Cafe Commercial, an old meeting place for the anti-Franco army.  Anyone opposed to the rise of a dictator during the Spanish Civil War is alright in my book. For me, it was a place to recollect my time in Spain and although my grammar exercises in no way compare to the secret meetings once held at Café Commercial, I must ponder the mission and history of every café.

You never know the ideas brewing in the great minds of BU students who take refuge at Blue State Coffee.

Is there a resemblance between this historical euro café and the newly established Blue State Café?


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