What happened to my vacation?

The Chihuly Exhibit

By Kara Andrew

Two presentations, two papers, and two exams. What happened to my vacation?

Nothing all that all that exciting has occurred between my last post and now, but I wanted to post before Spring Break in Paris!

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for anything in my life…ever.

As I’ve explained in a previous post, the semester is broken up into two sessions. The first, which is now DONE, included 2 four-hour long classes twice a week. Please, if anyone up there is looking over me, don’t ever make me take another four-hour class again. The past week has been a lot of paper writing, group project work, and studying… and procrastinating…and Skyping.

I’m really looking forward to start my internship next week! I’ll be working at Kenny Wax Ltd. on Monday-Thursday, then have an architecture class on Fridays.

Don’t worry! I’ve done cool stuff, too. On Thursday night, I went out to a nearby classy club with some friends. Saturday I went out to English breakfast with my floor. Obviously my fun over the past week has revolved around food. Then Nadia, Shirley and I continued our morning at the Chihuly glass exhibit, which was spectacular!

On Sunday, more studying and paper writing ensued. The definite highlight of the day was a break for afternoon tea at The Muffin Man. Good girl chat over a pot of Darjeeling tea, a tea cake with jam, and a slice of Chocolate Mouse cake was the perfect study break.

Updates on Paris to come!

If you know of any French cultural differences that Dyllan and I should be aware of, please comment below! Neither of us know a word of French, so this may be slightly entertaining.


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