Valentine’s Day sans my Valentine

By Laura Marie

First off, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Although los madrileños don’t celebrate it the way we do in the States, I still tried to maintain the holiday spirit. You know, wear red, eat chocolate, and get flowers. Unfortunately, mi media naranja (term of endearment in Spain) also known as my boyfriend, is back in Boston, so celebrating with him was clearly not an option. Therefore, me and my friends, Cosette and Jennifer, whose boyfriends are also back at home, decided to be each others’ valentines.

After a difficult day at la UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Jenn and I met Cosette at Nuevos Ministerios, the closest metro stop, to start the festivities. We spent two hours just shopping for the sweets and treats on which to gorge ourselves.

Fun Fact: Did you know that one large baguette only costs 1€? This is good in theory but not good for snackers like us.

Moving on, when we got home we were pleasantly surprised with an adorable set up from my host mom, Maria. I had told her about our plan to indulge ourselves but we never expected anything from her. She set out tea, coffee and Cola Cao (similar to Swiss Miss hot chocolate), along with Lindt chocolate, sugar cubes and the most adorable tea cups. After settling in, we did what girls do best, eat and gossip. The one thing that we didn’t do was watch a chick flick, but that would have been too cliché, right?

By the time we finished the baguette, strawberries, muffins, ice cream, and chocolates we were all pregnant with food babies! That’s one thing about Madrid that I love/hate the most. The food is delicious and I can never, and I mean NEVER, get enough of it. But it has to stop soon! Otherwise, I am going to be coming back to Boston 30 pounds heavier. There’s no Fitrec around the corner to keep me in check. And the excuse that the Madrileña lifestyle of walking all day and dancing all night will balance out my food consumption is slowly losing its credibility.

Perhaps I’ll start running when the weather gets nicer, but for now…CHEERS!


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