Sleepless in Madrid

By Laura Marie

Today, Shelby, Jennifer and I met at the Tribunal metro stop to explore el barrio de Malasaña. BU recommended several cafés in their weekly newsletter ¿Que Pasa? so we decided to check one out called Café Manuela. Apparently, it is a really popular spot because the waitress told us there were no tables available for awhile. Since we had already gone out of our way to get there, we decided to make a reservation for an hour and a half later, which gave us time to see what Malasaña has to offer.

Finally, after an hour of aimless walking and then getting lost, we found Café Manuela and were seated at a table. What makes the café unique is that it offers more than 30 board games that everyone can play while they eat and boy did I eat. Even though I had eaten lunch only 2 hours before and dinner was not far away, I had a hot chocolate with brandy, a slice of chocolate cake and one of the best croissants I had ever tasted filled with cilantro, jam, cheese and tomato.

After all of our plates (6!) were taken away we chose the board games that we all new best even though they were in Spanish. We played Pictionary and Tabú  which was definitely something to see, but we learned new vocab in the process!

Now, I am off to finish my homework. Hopefully, I won’t still be up when the sun rises!

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