An ode to COM

By Kate Worthey

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve done Hallmark the favor of writing a love poem for COM. And I’m officially dedicating it to you, College of Communication student body. That’s right, you have your very own poem now. Here we go:

The College of COM is cooler than cool.
You’ll become so smart you’ll never be a fool.
When you walk down the halls, you know you’ll have fun.
Thank goodness you have four whole years ‘til you are done.
Mass Comm, Advertising, and PR galore;
Television and Film are never a bore.
Journalism majors, here’s your shout out too.
With COM as your Valentine, you’ll never be blue.
Here are some facts, just to make sure you know
That will pick you up whenever you’re low:

It’s faithful and strong, inspiring and fresh.
Chance the golden retriever is totally ‘presh.
Dean Sabo is trusty. She shall never forsake.
The alumni network has connections to make.
Our calendar of guest speakers is by far the best.
The COM Lounge will always be there to help you study for a test.

The list goes on, but this remains true:
COM is the bomb because it’s full of you.
Yes, at times the students have been called “crazies,”
And it’s not always a walk in a park full of daisies.
But at the end of the day, it’s we who help make COM great.
So hey, why don’t you celebrate and go on a date.
In honor of V-day, you deserve to know
That your College of COM really does love you so.

Happy Valentine’s day with all the COMpassion the COMmunicator can muster.

P.S. You’ve been Com’ed.

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