Short Shorts

Senior advertising major, Melanie Fondrier, currently interns in the kids footwear department at Reebok. Melanie is responsible for researching competitors and presenting weekly trend reports. Currently, she is working on designing and launching her own ideas for a new sneaker.

Senior Advertising Major, Sarah Dumoff, interned at Jaime Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen Restaurant in London. Oliver is well-known for his cookbooks, cooking shows and foundation. Sarah put her public relations knowledge to use when she developed a marketing plan for the baked product Hot Cross Buns. “I have learned a great deal about press releases in many of my COM writing classes, something that I frequently did while interning at Fifteen Restaurant.”

Short Shorts: Gerald Powers PR Award: Eric LeistThe Gerald Powers Public Relations Award acknowledges graduating public relations majors who exemplify expertise. This year’s recipient, Eric Leist (COM ’10), was awarded with $3,600. In 1999, The award was established to honor as a Professor Emeritus Gerald Powers, a COM faculty member since 1964. Powers taught generations of BU students.

A majority of BU professors enrich the local community as well as communities overseas. This summer (2010), Communication Professor, Denis Wu, presented his lecture “The U.S. and the world: Entertainment media?” at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library here in Boston, MA. Wu also travelled to Singapore to present the research paper “The affective effect on political judgment: Comparing the influences of candidate attributes and issue congruence.” Wu, H. D., & Coleman, R. at the ICA convention.

Professor Mina Tsay

Professor Mina Tsay

This August (2010), The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, (Denver, CO) presented communication Professor Mina Tsay with the Promising Professor Award, acknowledging the best and brightest teachers. In January (2011), she will be traveling to the 33rd annual conference of the Pacific Telecommunications Council in Honolulu, Hawaii to present the paper “The world of 3G: Exploring the psychological and social gratifications sought by mobile phone users” Tsay, M., & Liu, C. (2011, January). Tsay has attended various conferences in the U.S. and abroad. Her studies are applicable to the technological lives we lead.

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