PRSSA president Rachel Sprung proves almost anything is possible

Difficult, time-consuming, demanding: these words do not deter Rachel Sprung from achieving her goals. A BUCOP junior in COM and SMG, Rachel proves that nothing can stop her from succeeding.

Rachel juggles the course work for degrees in both public relations and business administration. She is also the executive vice president of the COM Student Assembly (COMSA), the president of the Boston University chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and a member of the Delta Gamma Sorority. As if this wasn’t enough, Rachel was recently voted National Vice President of Regional Activities on the PRSSA National Committee.

“Besides class, I find myself running around a lot for PRSSA,” Rachel says. “The typical day for me includes a lot of phone calls and a lot of meetings.”

A perk of being a part of PRSSA and its National Committee is the travel Rachel gets to do. She has recently attended PRSSA conferences in Austin, Texas and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was in Austin that she was elected to the committee for the next one-year term, starting on June 1st.

“My favorite part of taking trips for PRSSA is meeting PR students from across the country,” Rachel says. “I’ve learned so much from talking to them about their own chapters and events, it’s amazing!”

Between COM and SMG classes, PRSSA, COMSA, Delta Gamma meetings, and trying to live as a normal college junior, it’s a wonder how Rachel stays levelheaded. “I try to go on a run before I start my day. I live on Bay State, so it’s really relaxing to run along the Charles River in the morning,” Rachel explains.

After graduation next year, Rachel hopes be working in New York City. “Though I hope to start out in a PR agency, I’m interested in eventually working in human resources or management for a PR agency,” Rachel says.

At the rate of her accomplishments, it’s almost impossible to say that Rachel will not succeed in anything she tries to do.

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