IABC panel helps grad students prepare for the professional pool

On April 22, three members of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) held a panel to discuss the trials and tribulations of the professional world with COM graduate students.  The event, hosted by Professor Cheryl Lambert, was the first networking opportunity between IABC and Boston University College of Communication.

The IABC panel consisted of three professionals: Jodi Freedman, senior communications specialist at Bose; Dave Seifert, principal at Seifert Communications; and Andy Porter, partner at Power of Three Communications.  Each panelist offered advice they wish they had known prior to entering the workforce, and provided information about their current jobs and what students should expect when entering the field.

“The professional panel provided great advice. They not only provided the basic information such as how to prepare for an interview and what to put on a resume, but the more abstract and valuable information, such as understanding communications campaigns and working with those in finance and leadership roles. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn through a personable dialogue with the professionals in our field,” noted Angela Fischer, a first-year graduate student and Professor Lambert’s graduate assistant.

Professor Lambert’s primary goal was to “help strengthen the sense of community between all COM students, regardless of discipline [i.e. public relations, advertising, and mass communication].”Beyond this, Professor Lambert hoped the event would serve as the first step to the establishment of a student chapter of IABC.

According to Fischer, “This is a unique event with members of IABC taught us how to bridge the gap between being students and working professionals. As we prepare to enter the field, some of us have been studying for years while others have worked before coming to BU—either way, we are approaching the moment we jump from our academic platforms into the professional pool, learning to surf on the waves of change.”

Founded in 1970, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) provides a professional network of about 15,000 business communication professionals in more than 80 countries. Members come from a variety of communication fields including public relations, corporate communications, government relations, marketing communication, community relations, writing, advertising, graphic design, human resources and teaching. For more information, visit www.iabc.com.

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