Short Shorts: Communication Students Setting up for Success

Jenna Glynn- Short Shorts Jenna Glynn, a public relations major, is currently in LA participating in BU’s internship program. She never thought that she would encounter people passionate about BU as far as 3,000 miles away from Boston. Jenna says she is proud to be a part of BU’s well-known, prestigious communication’s community.

Melanie Fondrier- Short Shorts`Melanie Fondrier, originally from Greece, is a junior majoring in advertising. A hockey fan from a young age, Melanie has parlayed that passion into internships with the Lowell Devils and now the Boston Bruins. Melanie performs tasks aimed to help social and cause-related marketing for the team. “Through the use of career services, resume workshops and helpful advisers, BU helped me secure my internships My education here helps me understand and excel at the tasks I am asked to do,” says Melanie.

Rachel Leamon- Short ShortsThis fall, journalism major Rachel Leamon traveled to London to intern with The Associated Press. In this role, one of her main duties was “man-on-the-street interviews.” She approached random people on the streets of London to ask them their stance on certain issues. “Thanks to this experience I am comfortable conducting interviews; this skill is so important in the Journalism field,” says Rachel.

Sumaira Ahmed- Short ShortsSumaira Ahmed, a Bangladeshi native, is graduating two semesters early and moving to India to pursue her career as an actress. She has been featured in music videos in Bangladesh, and she currently participates in PR Lab and works for Travel Video Post Cards out of Boston. “I appreciate the hands on experience I have gained from PR Lab and the understanding I now have of crisis public relations – these will help me in the celebrity world I am about to enter,” she says.

Shirin Dhuper- Short ShortsJunior Shirin Dhuper, is a public relations major with a passion for fashion. In summer 2009, she interned with CRAVE Boston, “The Urban Girls Manifesto- a guide to everything you CRAVE in your city.” In this internship, Shirin communicated with various businesses to educate them about the benefits of an affiliation with CRAVE. Her work in fashion PR will continue this summer as she interns for Gucci Boston this summer.

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