Boston University to create largest lip dub to date

Imagine this: Rhett the Boston University terrier jumping out a helicopter, students dancing in the street to “TiK ToK” by Ke$ha and “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga, ridiculous props, outrageous costumes and a healthy portion of school spirit. What you’ve got is the largest lip dub ever created, a music video that combines lip-synching, audio dubbing and choreography, which Boston University students will film and produce in April of 2010.

“Make no mistake; this is not a video for the Web!” said Dean Elmore. “This is a collective learning experience that will challenge our students in several ways.  I appreciate such a creative use of the rich student life environment as a way to learn, and that our students – in the class and around campus – are the main attraction.  Good luck – the real challenge will be for the students to outdo the previous lip dub performance.”

The lip dub is being organized and publicized by public relations Professor Jo O’Connor’s event planning and management, and media relations classes, and is scheduled to film on April 9, with a rain date of April 16. Locations for the Lip Dub shoot include Boston University’s Fitness and Recreation Center, Agganis Arena and Student Village.

“There are many intricate details that go into planning such a large lip dub,” said Professor O’Connor.  “The students have been diligent in this early phase of preparation, but still have a lot ahead of them and need to keep up the momentum to ensure the success of this project.”

O’Connor’s event planning students formed 11 different teams to manage all aspects of the Lip Dub, including budget, recruitment and participation, choreography and permits. The media relations class is responsible for publicizing the event and encouraging student and faculty involvement.

“The lip dub will be exciting for the Boston University community and give all of us involved real-life experience in event management and media relations,” said student director, Alex Shuck. “The best part is it’s going to be a ton of fun.”

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