The Editor Says Hi!

Welcome to the COMmunicator!

Actually, it’s the new COMmunicator. I wonder how many of you remember The COMmunicator in its old avatar.  It was a black &white print piece, and while well-intended, it had outlived its effectiveness—RIP.

But that, of course, is history.

In our online COMmunicator. we have tried to retain the original purpose and flavor of the publication. It will still serve to showcase and update you on what’s happening in the department of Mass Communication, Public Relations and Advertising – the achievements of our students and faculty, and the COM vision we collectively implement every day.

The premiere edition of the new COMmunicator offers a lot more for you to see, hear, read and watch. A lot more for you to experience. And most importantly, a lot more room for you to have your say.

  • Blogs written by students on campus and in our various Study Abroad locations, namely Washington DC.  It’s a two-way street though. The bloggers want to know what you think, so be sure to leave a comment!
  • Articles, features & profiles for you to peruse – about your alumni, your department, your college, your university, and the gazillion awesome things going on within.
  • Videos, better than anything you’ll find on YouTube – someone you know might be in it! For this issue, your own classmates have produced a video on AdLab. Check casino online it out!
  • Slideshows, photos– the perfect snapshots of what everyone in our department and have been up to—including you. This time, we have documented Dr. Downes” journey through Haiti and Saudi Arabia over last summer, well before the tragic earthquake that struck the former country.

And this is just the beginning…

Our team of 15 students, advised by Prof. Dorothy Clark, has worked hard all semester to launch your fresh, new COMmunicator. We wanted to make it as fitting an ambassador of COM as we could, and we hope that you are as proud of the results as we are. (And if you’re not, well then, make yourself useful and join our team. Tell us how you would do things differently!)

So go on, take a look around, and let us know what you think. Just remember: much more COMmunicator awesomeness is on its way. Get ready!

Until next time,

Puneet Sandhu


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